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“Glen and Meghan take the time to understand their client’s challenges and provide relevant and tangible expertise in managing each situation. They understand what entrepreneurs face daily and provide practical legal advice helping management and the ownership group make key decisions.” 

Giuseppe (Joe) Ferraro, Partner, Deloitte

“i3legal brings a rare and practical approach to business that delivers commercial contracts focused on the desired outcome of all parties. This results in contracts that are efficient, sure to close and executable over the long haul.”


Rob Briscoe, President & CEO, IEC Holden

“We worked on opposite sides of a multinational M&A transaction that had many hurdles to clear. We closed the deal in 60 days nonetheless and it was a pleasure working with i3legal.”

Tim Shawaryn, Partner, LEGACY LAW

“Selling a business that took years to build is an emotional experience for its founders. Glen and Meghan expertly walked us through the steps of this complex undertaking, clearly explaining everything and leaving no ambiguities.”

Wilma Scappaticci & Joanne Saint-Denis, Co-Founders, Communications Transcript 

“i3legal represented our company when we bought out our long-term business partner. Glen handled this cross-border acquisition with exemplary legal skills and emotional intelligence. He achieved our end goal in a professional and expeditious manner, thus minimizing legal expense and stress for all parties.”

Troy and Stephanie Anderson, SOUND OASIS

“I have worked with the i3legal team since 2009 starting with a management buyout. We subsequently did a number of financings as well as deals in the UK, Germany, Czech Republic, Australia, and a transformative acquisition in the US. They have an amazing network with similar integrity, intelligence and intensity, making it seamless to do acquisitions and ramp up operations internationally.”    

Nick Cristiano, CFO, Fresche Solutions

“i3legal provided outstanding professional advice to my team throughout our management buy-out adventure. Today, we look back at that resounding success. i3legal also helped drive growth through collaborating on many international acquisitions. Glen and Meghan played a tremendous role in realizing our strategy.”

Andy Kulakowski, Founder, Fresche Solutions & Corporate Director

“Working with i3legal has allowed ENERGY to concentrate on our corporate objectives while the i3legal team ensures that we are compliant in corporate and employment law. This strategy has helped ENERGY grow rapidly on both sides of the border.”

Michael Cinquino, President & Shawn Girard, CEO, ENERGY Transportation Group

“We have worked continuously with i3legal on corporate and bank financing matters since 2013. Meghan and Glen are extremely responsive; they listen well and understand our ongoing business needs. They also work collaboratively with other parties to get things done efficiently.”

Eric Knafo, President, Structube

“Glen has always provided excellent advice when examining documents and evaluating the fairness of proposed compensation packages. i3legal provides valuable guidance on the best way to approach former employers, with a strategic and sensible approach to these difficult situations.” 

Louis Verreault

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